We are pleased to be offering a Nickel Plated valve to provide improved resistance for harsh environment applications. Designed around the mobile industries, particularly the snow and ice. These valve will offer an alternative solutions as opposed to painting an others coating options. 



These valves are available in both D03(NG6) and D05(NG10) size valves. Providing a wide range to handle most applications. These valves can operate at 4500 PSI maximum pressure, 2000 PSI back to tank pressure. The D03 size valve can flow up to 16 GPM, and the D05 size valve can flow up to 25GPM. They include manual overrides; and can come with conduit box, DIN, and Deutsch connection options. The conduit box and DIN connectors are a lighted connection type, the Deutsch connector offers an improved resistance to water. Offered in direct current with 12 and 24 volt and alternating current 120 and 240 volts at 50/60 Hz. They will fit in any hydraulic stack and / or any standard manifold, meeting the ISO pattern makes them an easy to interchange and / or do maintenance. In addition, parts are available, like coils, core tubes, connectors, and seals. Please see the brochure for more information.


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Downloads available in MS Excel or Adobe Acrobat format.